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        There is a big difference between buying a home and selling a home. They require tailored duties and services at each stage of the process. It is important that you work with a real estate professional prepared to meet these demands to ensure maximum value! 

        If you are selling your home, I will:

        • Expertly market your home through channels like social media, websites, and multiple listing services
        • Conduct a comparative market analysis to demonstrate what other homes in your area have been sold for in the recent months
        • Secure the assistance of other professionals for completing the paperwork accurately and while meeting critical deadlines
        • Complete a property profile of your home, including current conditions, surroundings and special features

        If you are buying a home, I will:

          • Educate you about the current housing market conditions
          • Discuss and analyze best alternatives that best fit your budget and criteria
          • Resolve any challenges that may arise when purchasing a new home
          • Provide the highest quality of service so that you feel comfortable and confident in the process

          Tariq Janjua

          Sales Representative

          TFN Realty Inc., Brokerage

          Contact Me